Substitute Teacher Pay

How much do substitute teachers make?

Each of our school partners sets their own pay rate for substitute teacher jobs. At Swing, you’ll know how much you make as a substitute teacher for an assignment before you accept it.

That way, you decide what rate you are willing to work for.

Substitute Teacher Pay By State

Substitute Teacher Pay By Region

  • Bay Area (CA) $150 – $225
  • Los Angeles (CA) $160 – $190
  • Orange County (CA) $160 – $175
  • San Diego (CA) $150 – $160
  • Inland Empire (CA) $120 – $140
  • Central Valley (CA) $130 – $140

Substitute Teacher Bonus Pay

Some Substitute teacher jobs include an activation bonus. For example, you might be eligible for a $200 bonus for completing your first assignment. Bonuses are added on a case-by-case/seasonal basis.

Substitute Teacher Pay Details

Check out all of our jobs on our substitute teacher jobs home page where you can search by city, state and teacher category. Every job page includes an estimated pay range and bonus if available.

Note: Substitute teacher pay ranges are ballpark estimates and bonuses are seasonal.